Buddha Lotto Numbers Generator
Let this little Buddha help

Test your karma and see if it is time for you to win the big money or should you wait a little longer?

You can choose a game from a pre-defined list of lotteries around the world or add a custom game. There's a history for every game where you can check the numbers that have been generated before. There are 180 predefined lottery games for about 40 countries around the world (American and europe continent).

A few examples: Lotto, Lotek, Pick3, Multi Match, Northstar Cash, Multi Lotek, Win For Life, Cash 5, Match 6, Keno, Megabucks, Wild Money, Midday 3, MEGA Millions, MegaMatch 6, Quiniela Plus, Mega Money, Euro Millions, PowerBall, Ötös Lottó

Maybe a little bit more luck for your next game



- 180 predefined lottery games

- Custom defined lottery games

- Unlimited history of generated numbers

- Cute graphics

- Different lotto types: Classic, 2-3-4-5 digit numbers game, extra numbers